PrimeCuts MP3 Download Info

Since launching the PrimeCuts MP3 download service, we've received a lot of questions about the downloads. So, here are the answers to the most common questions before subscribing. Current subscribers, we have compiled some information below that should answer most of your questions too.

When are new downloads posted?
PrimeCuts MP3 downloads are posted every Wednesday by 5pm central.

What is included?
The downloads include all the same music & content (charts, database, etc) as the weekly MP3 disc. The songs also have the same tags & are the same quality.

Is there any software to download?
No, all the downloads are done by logging in to the members area on our website.

Can I preview songs before downloading?
Sure, just click the 'play audio' button next to the file name and you can listen to it. Also, the 'play audio' button is run via HTML5, meaning it will work on iOS, Android and most all smartphones & tablet computers.

What are my download options?
You can download individual songs or entire discs. The easiest is the 'entire disc' downloads. It is a one-click download that will download everything for that disc. Once downloaded, it's easy to choose which files you put on your DJ computer. Anything you don't want you can just delete.

Will your MP3 files play in Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor, PCDJ, Megaseg, OTS, or any other DJ software?
PrimeCuts MP3 files should play just fine in any DJ software that can play MP3 files.

Do I choose either the disc or the download?
No, you get both! The downloads are a free addition to the PrimeCuts MP3 service. So you can get on the website and download on Wednesday and then your disc will show up in the mail a few days later.


Current subscribers

How do I download individual songs?
PC users
  - Firefox: Right click the green download arrow (or gray download button) and hit "save target as" or "save link as" and choose where to save the file.

  - Internet Explorer: Left click the green download arrow (or gray download button) and your browser should bring up a prompt to save the file.

  - Chrome: Right click the green download arrow (or gray download button) and hit "save target as" or "save link as" and choose where to save the file.

Mac users: If you are using Safari, hold down the option key and click download on the green download arrow. Then it should download the file to your downloads folder, or wherever you have your default downloads go. If you are using a different browser you should just be able to right click to download the file (Firefox has been tested & works by right clicking and choosing "save target as").

How do I download entire discs?
After logging in, click on PrimeCuts MP3 under 'sub menu' on the left. Then click on the individual disc you want to download. At the very top of that page will be an 'entire disc' zip download option.

If you are a EZ Mix or PrimeCuts Monthly subscriber, you will see the button to download the entire disc after clicking on the EZ Mix or PrimeCuts Monthly button under the 'sub menu.'

I'm on a Mac and my computer won't unzip the files created by your website. How can I make them work?
Some zip files created by Windows computers have issues opening on Mac computers. If you cannot open the zip files created by our website, please download the free version of StuffIt. It is a zip utility for Mac that handles our zip files and can open them on Mac. Please also read the note above about downloading individual files on Macs.